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Entrance Door To the House

The entrance door should also be taken in consideration while the application of Vastu to your house. Entrance door should be in North, East or North East of the house. The entrance door size should always be larger than the other doors of the house.

Number of Entrances

Many houses may have more than one entrance on the frontage. Some rules however, have to be followed for providing these doors. If there is only one main entrance door to the house then more wealth is expected over other factors. If there are two doors in the entrance then a comfortable life for the inmates can be expected. If there ar three doors than it is harmful to the residents. If more than three doors are provided as main entrance than it causes many problems.

Placement of Main Entrance Doors

One Door If only one entrance s provided to the house it should be placed in east or north for the best results. Doors in the west and south are not good/allowed, but these directions can be used for a entrance in commercial establishments.

Two Doors

If a house has two doors than they can be in the following combinations:

  • East in combination with north and west.
  • West with north and East is allowed.
  • South and West Doors are not allowed
  • South and East Doors are not allowed.

Three Doors

  • Three doors excluding the east is inauspicious
  • Three doors excluding south is auspicious.
  • Three Doors excluding north is inauspicious.
  • Three doors excluding west is auspicious.

Four Doors

Vastu for Doors,Vastu for Main Door,Vastu Main Door Direction (1)

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If the house is aligned to the magnetic orientation than keeping the door in all the 4 directions is very auspicious.

Inner Doors

Height of the doors should be at least 7'-0, and with of the door should be at least 3'-6.

Number of Doors

The number of doors within the house should be even in count, but not ten or multiples of eight. There are several rules to be noted before counting all ten doors within the house. the main gate or the doors in the outhouse are not counted with doors in the house. It is to be noted than two flanged doors are counted as one door.Entrance may without doors but if they are covered overhead to form a enclosed passage, than they are counted as doors. Doors to partitions within the house which do not touch the ceiling are not counted as doors.

Following is the explanation of number of doors in the house and their effect:

2 Doors Auspicious
3 Doors Cause Enmity
4 Doors Cause Extended Life
5 Doors Dieses
6 Doors Good Child Bearing
7 Doors Death
8 Doors Growth of Wealth
9 Doors Des ease
10 Doors Robbery
11 Doors Destruction of the good
12 Doors Growth of business
13 Doors Lowers the man's life span
14 Doors Increase in Wealth
15 Doors Destruction of the good

Designing the Doors

Vastu allows decoration and carving on the main entrance and other doors, but has some rules to be strictly followed for the same:

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  • Lakshami seated on lotus with elephants is good to be used on doors.
  • Traditional guard images can be carved.
  • The gods of wealth emitting coins can be used for decoration.
  • Kul Devta, the family deity can adorn the door.
  • Birds like parrots, peacocks, swans images are good to be used on doors
  • Nature paintings etc.
  • Pictures or Sculptures of war scans etc. are not allowed.

One should keep in mind that any god images etc. should not be used on the outer side of the door as it may lead to poverty and other problems.

Vastu tips for your main entrance door

The main door is the passage which creates life in a home. One should pay great attention to the main door and the main windows as per the vastu shastra.

There are various aspects like the placement of the main door, the placement of the main windows, the direction of the main door and so on. A person enters the home through the main door and hence the main door should produce positive energy each time a person walks in. This positive energy from the main door is correlated to the entire portion of the home. An entrance door should be positioned in a way where it can activate the most beneficial energy. Following are some tips which can help you position your main entrance door as per vastu shashtra.

Choose an auspicious day:One can place the main door on a fixed auspicious day after performing a vastu puja. The location of the main door plays an important role as you need to figure out on which place can be apt to place the main door. You can do this by standing in front of your home and imaginarily dividing your home into two parts where the door can be placed towards the center. It can be either in the left or the right half based on the direction of the door.

Door position according to the directions:

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Vastu for Doors,Vastu for Main Door,Vastu Main Door Direction (2)

North:The door should be in the left half when facing the house. Avoid placing the door in the right half (North-West). Placing the door in this direction will allow ample amount of sunlight throughout the day. The door should be placed in the center of the wall and the windows should be kept in the North-East. Avoid placing the door near the corner of the walls.

West:The door can be placed in the left half, facing the house. Avoid positioning the door in the right half of the house as more windows are supposed to be positioned here for a constant sunlight throughout the day. Avoid the opening in the south west direction. If you have a door in the west ensure that you have a parallel door in the east which can allow maximum useful UV rays.

South:A door positioned in the south shouldn't be placed in the center of the building and should be placed in the right half of the home. Avoid placing the main door in the south-west direction as this might harm you with the hot infrared rays.

East:The door can be placed in the right half facing towards the north east direction. Avoid positioning the door in the south east direction. The door should be placed in the center of the wall and the windows should be placed in the north-east direction.

(Video) Vastu Shastra Class Episode VC-6 placement & importance of main door & main gates.

Do not have a main door directly facing the opposite home:

Always remember that you do not place your main door to the opposite home as it will be quite uncomfortable when both the doors are open which can ultimately result in a peek of both the homes.

Do not have the main door facing an abandoned and deserted building:

Avoid placing your main door towards a deserted and a rundown building as this can create negative vibes and you will have a scary and cold sight every time you open the door.

Have the entrance gate and the entrance door on the same side:

Always have the entrance gate and your entrance door on the same side as the vastu principles do not consider it auspicious to have the entrance gate and the entrance door on the opposite direction. Also it is considered as an inconvenience to the guests.

Do not have an underground tank, septic tank under the main entrance door:

This is because if the tank has to be opened and cleaned, it will be very inconvenient if it has to be done right in front of the main door.

Do not have the main entrance door in the corners of the home:

It is advisable that you do not have the main entrance door in the corners of the home as this can result in a difficulty while placing furniture at home. Corners in a home should be left vacant for movement.

(Video) Episode 21. Importance of a Door / Gate in your House. How it influences your life.

Do not have a wall in front of the entrance door:

Do not have a wall directly in front of the entrance door and instead have a door which opens in the next room. Doing this will allow the fresh air inside the home making it well ventilated.

Have an entrance and an exit door:

The vastu principles suggest that there should be two doors; one for entry and another one for exit. The exit door should be smaller than the entrance door. This will let the fresh air enter in the home.

Points to be remembered:

  • Have the main entrance door as the largest door in your home.
  • The main door should be opened inside and should be clockwise.
  • Do not have self-closing doors.
  • The main door should have a threshold.
  • Do not have creaking doors.


Vastu for Doors,Vastu for Main Door,Vastu Main Door Direction? ›

The main door direction as per Vastu should always be to the northeast, north, east or west, as these directions are considered propitious. Avoid having the main entrance gate in southwest, south, northwest (north side) or southeast directions.

How to check Vastu for home entrance? ›

If you are wondering how to check Vastu for home entrance, use a compass to determine the house-facing direction. Stand at the entrance door of your home, facing outside. Use a compass to check the direction that you are facing. That is the direction that your house faces.

Is it bad if main door is facing west? ›

The first and second choices for homes are north and east-facing doors with West being the third-choice. However, according to Vastu Shastra, all homes are considered equally auspicious, and there is no such thing that west-facing homes are not as good as north or east-facing homes.


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