Unlock the Power of Vastu: Optimal Main Door Placement for Prosperity (2023)


In the realm of Vastu Shastra, the significance of the main door transcends mere aesthetics – it serves as the gateway for energy to permeate your home. Guided by the wisdom of Vastu, we delve into the art and science of positioning your main door to attract positive energy, fostering health, wealth, and serenity.

Choosing the Right Direction

The cardinal rule: orient your main door towards the north, north-east, east, or west. These directions, deemed auspicious by Vastu, facilitate the unimpeded flow of positive energy. Nitin Parmar, a Mumbai-based Vastu expert, emphasizes the pivotal role the main door plays in shaping the initial impression of a property.

  1. North-east: The Most Fortunate Direction
    Embrace the morning light and invigorating energy, as the north-east emerges as the most fortuitous direction for your main door.

  2. North: Gateway to Prosperity
    Placing your main door in the north beckons prosperity and fortune, making it the second-best option according to Vastu principles.

  3. South-east: The Alternative
    If circumstances dictate a south-east entry, it is acceptable, albeit not ideal. Vastu suggests avoiding south-west entries.

  4. North-west: Embracing Evening Sun and Wealth
    In situations where a north-west entry is unavoidable, positioning it in the north-west direction can welcome the advantages of the evening sun and wealth, as per Vastu insights.

Ideal Material for the Main Door

Vastu advocates for a wooden main door, regardless of orientation. However, nuanced variations come into play:

  • South-facing Door: Blend wood and metal.
  • West-facing Door: Adorn with metalwork.
  • North-facing Door: Silver-toned wood.
  • East-facing Door: Wooden with subtle metal embellishments.

Energizing Your Entrance

Positive Elements

  • Maintain a well-lit entrance, avoiding red-colored lighting.
  • Install a glass pot filled with water and flower petals for health and positive energy.
  • Adorn your front door with auspicious symbols like Om, swastika, crucifix, and rangolis.

Decor Do's and Don'ts

  • Embrace green plants for decor but avoid animal statues and trees devoid of flowers.
  • Rangoli decorations on the entry floor invite positive energy, happiness, and ward off negativity.

Main Entrance Maintenance

  • Ensure the main door opens clockwise.
  • Regularly oil and polish hinges and door hardware.
  • Eliminate cracked or chipped wood and replace missing screws.

Nameplate and Doorbell Wisdom

  • Elegant nameplates are not just aesthetic; they align with Vastu principles.
  • Use metal nameplates for north or west-facing doors and wooden ones for south or east-facing doors.
  • Install the doorbell at a height of at least five feet with a calming and quiet tone.

The Color Palette

Choose the main entrance color wisely:

  • West: Blue and white.
  • South and South-east: Silver, orange, and pink.
  • Southwest: Yellow.
  • North: Green.
  • Northeast: Cream and yellow.
  • Northwest: White and cream.
  • East: Light blue, white, or wooden colors.

Divine Presence at Your Door

  • Statues and images of Gods and Goddesses at the entrance are considered auspicious.
  • Ganesha and Lakshmi statues bring good luck, wealth, and success.
  • Adorn the main door with symbols like Kalash with a coconut and a Swastika.


Unlock the potential of your living space by adhering to Vastu principles for your main door. As you embark on this journey, let positivity, prosperity, and serenity guide you through the gateway of your abode. For those seeking new homes in Navi Mumbai, explore our latest projects at and make the first step towards a harmonious living experience. Follow us on for daily property updates.


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