Unlock the Potential of Your North-Facing Home with Vastu Shastra Excellence (2023)

In the realm of home design and positive energy, Vastu Shastra stands as a timeless guide, blending tradition and science to create spaces that resonate with prosperity and well-being. If your abode faces the north, you're in for a treat, as a north-facing house is deemed auspicious in Vastu Shastra, dedicated to the God of wealth, Kuber. Let's delve into the dos and don'ts to ensure your north-facing home is not just a dwelling but a sanctuary of positive vibrations.

The Gateway to Wealth: Entrance Door Placement

In the intricate dance of Vastu, the placement of your entrance door takes center stage. For a north-facing home, the fifth pada, the sweet spot between northwest and northeast, is the ideal location for attracting wealth. Should space constraints arise, a strategic shift between the first and fourth padas is acceptable, with the last resort being the space between the sixth and ninth padas. Remember, if the first pada is your choice, maintain a gap from the northeast corner for optimal results.

Harmony in Every Room: Strategic Placement

Kitchen - Igniting Prosperity in Agneya

The heart of your home, the kitchen, finds its place in the northwest or southeast, with the southeast (Agneya) being the preferred spot symbolizing the element of fire. A Vastu no-no is placing the kitchen in the northeast corner.

Bathroom - Small Space, Big Impact

Even in the smallest spaces, Vastu wisdom shines. Position your bathroom on the southwest side, or opt for the southeast if multiple bathrooms are on the agenda. Steer clear of the northeast corner to maintain the positive flow.

Bedroom Bliss: Mastering Placement

For the master bedroom, southwest reigns supreme, while west-central becomes the haven for children's sleep. Guest bedrooms find their sweet spot in the northwest. Vastu's guidance ensures harmony in every nook.

Pooja Room - Channeling Divine Energy

Embrace the sacred northeast direction for your pooja room, preserving its sanctity. Keep this space free from waste-related elements or bathrooms, acknowledging the holy significance.

Navigating Dos and Don'ts

Stairway to Success: Clockwise Ascent

Craft your staircase in a clockwise direction, steering clear of the north. If options narrow, consider the northwest for a staircase placement that harmonizes with Vastu principles.

Venus's Realm: Southeast Serenity

Enhance the well-being of the women in your household by ensuring southeast Vastu compliance. Keep the north zone open, well-lit, and expansive. Placing water tanks in the northwest contributes to the prosperity of women's lives.

Natural Elements: Strategic Positioning

Avoid planting trees or placing water tanks in the north, northeast, or east. Elevate the positive aura by positioning an idol of Kubera towards the north and a tulsi plant in the northern or eastern direction.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Reflecting Positivity

Direct mirrors away from the south or southeast directions. Opt for timeless colors like white, beige, and gentle greens to complement the Vastu harmony of your north-facing abode.

Your North-Facing House Vastu Cheat Sheet

In the pursuit of harmonizing your living space, adhere to these key points:

  • Avoid a northwest main entrance, especially in the first pada.
  • Keep toilets, bedrooms, and kitchens away from the northeast corner.
  • Direct wastewater outlets away from south or north directions.
  • Sixth pada is a last resort for doors other than the entrance.
  • Choose light, positive colors over dark warm tones.
  • Place the underground tank away from the northwest side.
  • Water tanks find no home in the north, northeast, or east.

For a holistic approach to Vastu, consider consulting with a Vastu expert. Your home's energy is a reflection of your well-being, and with Vastu wisdom, your north-facing house can become a beacon of positivity, wealth, and health. Dive into the transformative journey of aligning your abode with the timeless principles of Vastu Shastra.


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