Optimizing Your North West Facing Vastu Plan for Home and Office Success (2023)


In the realm of Vastu Shastra, the significance of directions cannot be overstated. North, South, East, and West each hold unique implications for luck, happiness, health, and financial prosperity. This article delves into the specific nuances of North West facing Vastu, shedding light on its importance and providing actionable insights to harness its positive energies.

Understanding the Significance of North West Direction

The North West direction, governed by the wind element and associated with the moon, plays a pivotal role in shaping one's career and fostering positive energy in commercial spaces. Adhering to Vastu principles in utilizing this auspicious corner of the house can lead to financial achievements and overall happiness.

Potential Troubles Caused by North West Vastu Defects

While Vastu Shastra offers numerous benefits, neglecting its principles in the North West direction can result in legal, financial, and health complications. Issues such as legal disputes, financial setbacks, and health problems like breathing issues or lung cancer may arise if this direction is not treated with due consideration.

Evaluating the Good and Bad of North West Facing Houses

Determining whether a North West facing house is good or bad involves a nuanced assessment. While associated with wealth, health, and prosperity, careful adherence to other Vastu rules is crucial. The orientation of the entrance door also plays a role, impacting the residence of the leading family members based on its facing direction.

Pros and Cons of North West Facing Houses

North West facing houses, when aligned with Vastu principles, can foster a promising social circle and harmonious family life. The positive energy in this direction may benefit women's health and contribute to a smooth pregnancy. However, the potential for attracting negative influences and disrupting household harmony exists for those less inclined towards socializing.

Effective Remedies for North West Vastu Dosh

To counterbalance any Vastu defects in the North West direction, practical remedies can be implemented. Installing Vastu Pyramids, incorporating religious symbols at the entrance, and utilizing Chandra Yantra in case of malefic moon influences are effective measures. Light-colored walls, lightweight items, and strategically placed Tulsi or Mint plants contribute to maintaining positive energy.

Specific Vastu Plans for North West Facing Houses

Understanding the impact of the North West direction on women's well-being, it is advisable to construct a guest bedroom or daughter's bedroom in this corner. Avoiding extensions in this direction and implementing Vastu principles for the main door, bedroom, staircase, entrance, living room, balcony, pooja room, and bathroom ensures a balanced and harmonious living space.

Final Thoughts on North West Facing Vastu

While labeling any direction as entirely good or bad is complex, optimizing a North West facing house's Vastu becomes crucial for preserving health, wealth, and prosperity. By grasping the rules, pros, and cons associated with each direction, individuals can make informed decisions when constructing or arranging their homes or offices, ensuring a harmonious and prosperous living environment.

FAQs on North West Facing Vastu

  1. Can I place my kitchen in a North West facing house plan per Vastu? Ensure that heating equipment like gas stoves, microwaves, and inductions are placed in the North West zone if a kitchen is constructed on the North West side of the house.

  2. Is Northwest facing house Vastu good or bad? Northwest facing house Vastu is not wrong if the Vastu compliant are followed accordingly.

  3. Where can I place the staircase in a North West facing house plan? The West and South corners are the best for the staircase placement. Avoid building the staircase in any other direction to keep yourself safe from financial instability.

  4. Is the North West direction good for study? No, Northwest-facing house Vastu says that the study in North West direction ruins the focus of the student and makes them restless.

  5. Which direction is suitable for God’s placement? Idols of God must face north in the south direction. The North Western approach is not considered auspicious for constructing or placing temples and gods.

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