Optimizing Vastu for North Facing Houses: Comprehensive Guide (2023)


Discovering the optimal alignment of your North facing house is a pivotal step in harnessing positive energy and well-being according to Vastu Shastra. While the direction alone doesn't guarantee auspiciousness, adhering to Vastu principles in various aspects of your home enhances the overall harmony. In this guide, we delve into the intricacies of North facing house Vastu, covering everything from finding the direction to specific do's and don'ts.

Finding the Direction of the House

Determining the accurate facing of your house sets the foundation for Vastu compliance. Stand outside your main entrance, use a compass, and align with magnetic North. Taking multiple readings ensures precision, essential for subsequent Vastu applications.

The Placement of Main Door/Entrance

The main entrance is the cosmic gateway to your home, making its placement crucial. In a North facing house, the entrance should align with specific gates: N3, N4, or N5. These gates, highlighted in blue in the accompanying image, enhance the positive flow of energy.

North Facing House Vastu - 11 Do’s

  1. Open Space in the North: Leaving open space in the Northern direction fosters wealth and prosperity, as per Vastu principles.

  2. Slope towards North or East: Ensure the plot slopes towards the North or East for health benefits and positive energy flow.

  3. Balanced Boundary Walls: Keep North and East boundary walls shorter and thinner than South and West for equilibrium.

  4. Ideal Kitchen Placement: Ideally, place the kitchen in the South-East (SE) or North-West (NW) corners for optimal Vastu.

  5. Sacred North-East Zone: Designate the North-East (NE) for spiritual pursuits, such as a prayer or meditation room.

  6. Living Room in North-East: Utilize the North-East zone for a living room to enhance positive vibes.

  7. Guest Bedroom in North-West: Create a guest bedroom in the North-West (NW) zone for hospitality.

  8. Master Bedroom in South-West: For stability and relationship harmony, the master bedroom is best placed in the South-West (SW) zone.

  9. Clean North-East Zone: Maintain cleanliness in the North-East zone for positive energy.

  10. Vacant Brahmasthan: Keep the center of the house, Brahmasthan, free from construction for balance.

  11. Strategic Water Body Placement: Place underground water tanks or swimming pools in the North or East, avoiding the exact North-East corner.

North Facing House Vastu - 9 Don’ts

  1. Avoid Main Structure in North, East, or North-East: Construction in these directions may suppress positive energy.

  2. Say No to South-West Slope: A slope in this direction can lead to health issues and financial loss.

  3. Steer Clear of North-East Corner Cut: Cutting this corner invites illness, depression, and financial losses.

  4. Avoid Sleeping with Head North: It disrupts sleep patterns and overall well-being.

  5. No Master Bedroom in North-East: Placing the master bedroom here can lead to a lack of stability and stressful living.

  6. No Septic Tank in North-East: This is strictly prohibited in Vastu.

  7. Restrict Red Color in North Walls: Darker shades of red and black in the North are unfavorable.

  8. Avoid North-East Staircase: Construction of a staircase in this zone is not recommended.

  9. No Kitchen in North-East: Vastu strictly prohibits kitchen construction in this zone.


Incorporating these Vastu principles tailored for North facing houses can create a harmonious living space. Follow these guidelines meticulously to enhance positive energy flow, prosperity, and overall well-being in your home. For more insights on house Vastu, explore our comprehensive collection . Expect miracles in your journey to an optimally aligned and prosperous home!


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